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Platinum Green Leader

Stowe Meadows is committed to conserving the planet’s natural resources. Since the Lodge's opening we are working toward decreasing our impact on the environment and improve sustainability. Being environmentally responsible is not a one day job and we hope to introduce new products, practices over time while providing our guests a high quality experience.

Since our inception we are dedicated to making our business as "green" as possible and strive to continually evolve the B&B  as an environmentally conscious "citizen" and to make 'green' choices in terms of:
-Waste minimization.
-Energy efficiency.
-Conservation and management.
-Waste management.
-Freshwater resource management.
-Hazardous materials management.
-Environmentally and socially sensitive purchasing policies.

Stowe Meadows supports these long-term commitments in order to reduce our burden on the local and global environment, removing unnecessary hazards from its operations, protecting public health and potentially improving the environmental quality of our region.

In our commitment to protecting Our Guests and the Environment our GREEN initiative offers the following:

-State-of-the-art super insulated windows
-Non-toxic cleaning products, air fresheners and organic outdoor fertilizers/pest controls
-Low VOC paints
-Individually controlled and programmable heating thermostats
-Use of Energy Star appliances, home electronics and heating systems
-Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) throughout the lodge
-Lutron Dimmers and Occupancy Sensors
-Yearly maintenance to maximize oil based heating system performance (> 85%)
-Proud Member of
-Work with suppliers whose products have environmentally friendly attributes that maximize Post Consumer Recycled content, minimize toxicity and packaging, or have any other environmentally preferable attributes, with minimal sacrifice to price, quality, and delivery requirements
-Participate as a member (application in process) of the Vermont's Green Hotels and Environmental program
-Promote Eco-Friendly Weddings and Events: Ethical Weddings and Portovert

-Paperless Check-In
-Committed to using green products for the cleaning and maintenance of Stowe Meadows
-Maximize recycling and initiate a composting program into daily operations.
-We encourage guests to re-use towels and sources laundry services from a provider with a green program.
-We prefers suppliers of fair trade and organic goods and services.
-We've started using an Ecofont for all printed materials which results in using up to 20% less ink.

-1. To prevent added landfill waste, improve recycling, expand the market development for the use of recycled/recyclable materials through lease agreements, contractual relationships and purchasing practices with vendors, contractors, businesses, and other public and governmental agencies.
-2. To generate less waste material by reviewing how supplies, materials, and equipment are manufactured, purchased, packaged, delivered, used, and disposed.
-3. To serve as a model for other hotels/Inns/B&Bs in Stowe to influence waste prevention, recycling, and procurement efforts.

These are just a few of our continuing efforts to implement sound environmental initiatives in our ongoing commitment to "Preserving the Past, Protecting the Future.

Immediate Projects:
-Initiate a composting program, deploy rain barrels for our gardens, upgrade to a High Energy Washer/Dryer, monitor actively our power consumption, migrate to 100% recycled paper products (napkins, paper towels, copy paper, bathroom tissue) with a high percentage of post-consumer content (we'll do our best to find paper products, which are 100% PCW recycled and are either unbleached or bleached without using chlorine or chlorine derivatives), all collateral will be printed on recycled paper using soy based ink, we'll introduce organic snacks and beverages in our honor bar and serve coffee that is organic, shade grown and/or fair trade and finally add in-room designer recycling bins encouraging our guest to participate in reducing our environmental impact.
Future Projects:
-Based on an environmental impact & a wind/solar assessment, install a small wind turbine.
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