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The Farm
Established 2016

Eggs from our Organic Farm | Stowe Meadows

No One Here But Us Chickens 

We've always loved  animals - who else would have four dogs, 28 chickens and 10 ducks at one time! Moving to Vermont (full time) in 2016 opened a new world of farming possibilities. 

The "gateway farm animal" is the chicken, so they say. What started as six sweet day-old "Easter Egger" hens has grown to our own hatching and egg producing operation.  

From those original five hens and 1 rooster (we thought he was a "she" til we heard those first Errh-err-errs), we have grown our flock to include Blue French Copper Marans, Buff Orpingtons Speckled Sussex, Black Marans, and Brahmas.


Our flock enjoys year around freedom to roam our pastures, woods and gardens. That means we've met the local predatory wildlife as well. Such is chicken keeping in VT. 

We supplement the flock's foraging with Vermont produced organic grain and our own table scrapes. Our eggs are GMO-FREE, but are not certified organic since all of our table scraps are probably organic, but we cannot guarantee it. All of the grain we offer our chickens and ducks is certified organic.

The Coop | Stowe Meadows
Organic eggs | Stowe Meadows

Fresh Organic Eggs Daily

Join us for afternoon egg gathering. We'll give you a tour of our custom coop that houses our chickens and our flock of friendly ducks.

Chickens love to eat treats and will gladly meet you in the yard (or come running) if you bring along a few blueberries.

Guests may purchase our organic eggs to take home.  

Organic free-range chicken eggs: $3.50/dozen

Organic free-range duck eggs: $5.00/dozen

Tip:  Our blue, green and sage eggs make terrific eggs for Easter decorations!  We blow out these eggs, clean them and have them ready for decorating each spring. 

New additions to our flock!
Flock Friendly!
Come feed the Birds!
Organic Duck Eggs | Stowe Meadows

Duck Crossing!

Our flock of friendly ducks lives on our pond and would be delighted to pose for a photo - or provide a few delicious eggs for your breakfast plate!

What began as just a few (eight) ducks grew into a gorgeous flock in our first year. We raise Rouen, Buff/Orpington, Pekin and Khaki Campbell ducks.  They are (very) free ranging birds and we supplement with organic local feed. Of course, their favorite is a crunchy handfull of lettuce from the garden. Our hand-raised flock is friendly and would love to meet you.


Fresh from the Garden

Summer means harvest time at Stowe Meadows! Our garden overflows with organic fruit, vegetables and herbs all summer and we add those tasty treats to our breakfast menu and guest room snack bars from June through October. 

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and apples are abundant on our farm. Don't be surprised to see us picking the berries each morning that you'll find in your smoothie, yogurt parfait, muffins or pancakes. 


Organic Garden | Stowe Meadows
Our (future) Farm | Stowe Meadows

Coming Soon! (2021)

Erich says that our farm isn't complete without Alpacas!


After the addition of our barn, larger animals are on tap. Which ones? Here are a few possibilities. Keep checking back for updates!  Goats, horses, sheep, cows - bees? 


Stay tuned to see what farming adventures are on the horizon at Stowe Meadows!  

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